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We supply the full range of high quality Focus Pool Chemicals. We can supply you with all of your swimming pool needs at hard to beat prices.

We also provide a complete computerised pool water analysis service free of charge.

The key to maintaining a healthy pool is keeping the water in the right chemical balance. Clear water does not necessarily mean the pool is balanced. Correctly balanced pool water will not only make swimming more comfortable and enjoyable, but your running costs in the purchase of chemicals will also be kept at a minimum. We provide a computerised chemical test free of charge to assist you in maintaining your pool water balance for a more enjoyable summer.

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Focus is synonymous with outstanding pool chemicals for the Australian climate. From a product of the imagination to the end result, Focus takes quality and efficiency to the next level. Any pool problem can find its solution within the Focus range of innovative products. Every time you use a Focus chemical in your customers' pool, you do so with confidence. Focus unique formulas are tried, tested and proven to work!

Product Range


  • Pool Tablets
  • Low Rsidue Granular
  • Liquid Pool Chlorine
  • Stabilised Chrlorine
  • Stablised Pool Sticks
  • Multi-Tab Floater


  • Cal Plus
  • pH Buffer
  • pH Increaser
  • Dry Acid
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Stabiliser
  • Phix


  • Longlife Algicide
  • Algicide Concentrate
  • Granular Blackspot


  • Tile and Vinyl Cleaner
  • Filter Cleaner
  • Saf-T-Cell


  • Quick Floc
  • Pool Floc
  • Water Polish
  • Pool Sparkles
  • UltraSheen
  • Bling


  • Shock'N'Clean



  • Sequest
  • Phosphate Remover
  • Stain Off
  • Aquahield 3


Davey Master Dealer

As a DAVEY master dealer, we offer the latest range of products from Davey including domestic and commercial water pumps, drinking water filters, UV systems, pool & spa pumps, filters, chlorinators, suction and robotic cleaners, just to name a few.

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